October 23, 2012


This question can be especially true for anyone just starting in their network marketing career and chances are you will spend valuable time trying to over come it...only for it to continue haunting you! The SHOCKING part is you have a very valid question.

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Will anyone listen to me? Why would they?

We are all faced with this at some point and time because remember we are trying to show people a better way to make a living and earn an income or to achieve some other attainable goal they have in mind. Chances are, the very people we are so driven to help have already tried something like this in the past so they automatically come to you with a pre-conceived notion and are slightly skeptical.

Do not and I repeat, Do not let any of these notions or attitudes diminish your confidence or think for one minute its going to get you off track. Focus and stay the course and be more motivated than ever!

Lets change our frame of thinking for just a moment. I want you to start thinking differently for a second. Think about your line of work or if your a part of my home based business opportunity think in terms of VALUE. To people that know you, its true, you may be no expert in their eyes but to others, IF I knew just a little bit more than them and I could show them how it could be of VALUE, then I am an instant expert right then and there!

Lets face the facts, if at all possible we all would prefer to follow an expert when it comes to important decisions, right?

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So in concluding this post, even if your brand new to the industry, looking at becoming an entrepreneur, or if your experienced and looking to build a residual income working from home.....by simply learning some basic training and techniques, learning basic business concepts and reading some books about "whatever" VALUE your products and services adds to people lives...

That ladies and gentlemen DOES IN FACT make you an expert specific to your industry.

This doesnt mean you know everything, however if you position yourself to help your prospects and potential customers get to where they want to end up, thats is plenty to establish yourself as a credible expert and authority in your market.

Robert Grissom

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