October 27, 2012


Work From Home
Companies and home based businesses that utilize the power of social media are dividing themselves from the competition. Social media is offering us all the ability to get closer to our customers. "How is that?", you ask. It is because it allows entrepreneurs like us that have a successful home based business to see and follow what our customers are saying about our products and services or business opportunity they are affiliated with all in real time the best part is it gives us, as business owners, the ability to respond to any questions or concerns in real time.

When this occurs not only are we responding to our customers but we are also putting it out there for others to see, so if others have the same questions and concerns they get a chance to have a response directly from the ones that are in charge. there was an InSite survey that showed that 26% of American companies do not use social media at all therefore they are not integrating a social media presence in their marketing promotional efforts.

The focus here is not so much about social media as it is about being customer centric. Legitimate entrepreneur opportunities that already integrate social media into the overall marketing efforts have an edge on other home based business opportunities that are lacking in this area. In this industry it is crucial to develop a strong presence in social media for marketing, receiving customer feed back and serving loyal customers.

It is forward focused businesses like this that will build on their current efforts.

This is a HUGE finding for like minded people like myself that offer an opportunity to average people to achieve financial freedom. My company has developed specific facebook training that teaches my business partners how to use social media for prospecting and growing their business. If you are interested in Working With Robert, he is eager to speak to you!

Robert Grissom

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