October 15, 2012


Lets face it, being your own boss is absolutely awesome however I will be the first to admit that although being able to pull the trigger is one of the key benefits of entrepreneurship, I still have a problem making important decisions and I am sure others would agree.

The act of making a decision is so powerful that many don't realize the effect it can have. For example in my entrepreneur opportunities, I am not focused so much on products, or growth rate or statistics. Instead my focus lies within my team of dedicated leaders and the simple act of making a decision can inspire so much confidence in these leaders that you would be amazed at the ripple effect it could have throughout your organization.

For the readers out there that are like minded (as myself) and love the fact of being your own boss and watching as you share, help, inspire and motivate others to achieve and exceed their goals, sometimes would be a lot easier if were easier to decide on what to do and what to skip or put off until later. Would you agree that if you are able to make better calculated decisions that you would be viewed as a better leader which would lead to better overall organizational results? My answer to that question is ABSOLUTELY and I look forward to hearing some of your comments. Here are just a few tips I can offer and share just based on my business endeavours.

  • Let your brain rest. Try turning off your mind for a few minutes. A lot of insight can come when you least expect it and the same can happen when your focused on making an important decision. Turn to a different issue or work on something not related to the decision at hand. By resting your mind, you will give your brain time it needs to scan through all the information it has stored.
  • Remember to decide, not solve a problem. There are lots of times where decisions can and will in fact solve a problem but this is not always the case so don't always try to solve a problem with your decision. Honestly, I have found that lots of decisions skip the analysis phase and are more "gut" or intuition. Always ask yourself, what feels like the right thing to do?
  • No one is perfect, stop seeking it. This bullet can be summed up fairly quickly with this: Don't wait for everything to be perfect. You will never know everything before you decide. That just isn't possible especially when you have an entrepreneurial mindset. There comes times (more often than not) that you have to trust your gut and faith and leap all in without having all the answers and build from that point.
  • Admit it, sometimes we just get it wrong. Maybe we didn't think it through, or maybe we did but the end result still ended up leading us in the wrong direction. Admit this and then lets get to correcting the issue. You will earn much more respect if you fess up to a mistake which will in turn build more loyalty with your team of leaders.
Decisions are a part of life, making good decisions is great for your home based business and can be a true influence among others so don't shy away from them.

"You must know that in any moment a decision you make can change the course of your life forever: the very next person standing behind you in line or sitting next to you on an airplane, the very next phone call you make or receive, the very next movie you see or book you read or page you turn could be the one single thing that causes the floodgates to open, and all of the things that you've been waiting for to fall into place." ~Anthony Robbins

Robert Grissom

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