October 24, 2012


There is more to selecting the right business opportunity than just considering the price of investment or overhead costs.

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For aspiring entrepreneurs that are anxious to start their own home based business, there are numerous companies and business models to consider. Direct sales, franchises, consulting, e-commerce and the list can keep going on and on. Direct sales business opportunities are often called "business in-a-box" because of how easy they are to get started. Each business model will have its own benefits and distinctions and it is up to you to research and find the right fit.

The direct sales models are great low risk businesses that usually require little investment to start and they generally perform very well despite the sputtering economy we are currently experiencing. To show this in numbers, I am familiar with a company that had over 400% growth during the worst economic times we have witnessed in a long time. While the housing market, financial market and wall street were all going down, this model was heading up!

Picking the right opportunity for your lifestyle and passion is crucial, so here are a few factors to consider when making your decision.

--> Attend a group event. Group events are a great, no pressure environment to meet and gather as much information as you want. Tons of companies hold these events and they are very low cost to attend and even FREE so why not go and learn first hand what they have to offer.

--> Spend time with existing representatives of a particular opportunity. Think of it like buying a house. We want to go there in the morning and again in the afternoon and heck even in the middle of the night! See how people grow the business and learn from the experienced.

--> Consider whether the business model is easily replicable. Can the keys or the system to success be easily duplicated? Duplication is a great thing when entering into a legitimate opportunity and is very important when deciding the right company for you.

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Trust your gut and when you find the one you are passionate about being associated with, setup a time with your sponsor or mentor within that company and ask some clarifying questions about the up front cost, estimated time and the plan of action to get a return on your investment and other questions that will make the transition into entrepreneurship an easy one for you. We are all here to help!

My hope is that these tips will help you in pursuing the freedom of being your own boss. Would you like to Work With Robert and learn more about his opportunity?

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