"Success is best measured by how far you have come with the talents you have been given."

Welcome to my blog: Design Your Life With Robert. I would like to officially introduce myself. My name is Robert Grissom, a groundbreaking and excited financial services representative and aspiring entrepreneur.

Also known as "Lil Rock", originally from Henderson NC, I am a 1994 graduate of Southern Vance High School and a 2000 graduate of ECPI Technical College located in Raleigh NC. I am recognized for my ability to lead and help others achieve their personal health, wellness and financial goals. Working side by side with very successful and like minded mentors in my home based business opportunity, I offer a unique mix of ideas and motivation of entrepreneurship to build successful teams and more importantly build wealth in this down economy and in the 21st century.

I was first introduced to home based business ideas about 9 years ago when a friend invited me out to lunch and before I knew it he had pitched me on his opportunity. Now, luckily, I did not join his business because like most I was skeptical however, the seed was planted!

In all honesty, it appears simple and I thought I got the concept but boy was I ever wrong. All I knew was if some of the people I knew could make it and be successful then I was going to be one rich dude one day, however I failed.

That led me to think that perhaps my failure and struggles was because I just picked the wrong company or opportunity so I tried again....FAILED!

Finally after growing up and learning from past mistakes along with finally aligning myself with the perfect opportunity that I was passionate about, I started to see better results. Those results fueled the fire even more so I began seeking out knowledge of some of the top earners within my opportunity.

What I finally realized was it wasn't the lack of effort, or the business opportunity holding me back...my very own success and failure was totally up to me so I embarked on a new challenge to make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity. I am not looking back now, only looking forward and hoping my blog will help you realize that everyone can do this if you really have the drive and desire.

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