November 14, 2012


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When making up your mind to do something or to go after something you really desire, “Why put a limitation on yourself?” I remember vividly when I decided to be involved in my network marketing opportunity. I set out to learn all that I could and to learn from some of the very best. Following successful networkers, talking to others that were already in the game, and reading motivational material from books and magazines were just a few of the ways that I surrounded myself with positivity to assist me in thinking BIG. In doing so, there was a particular article that passed over my desk that I will forever remember that changed my mindset to look at the big picture. Think Big and Duplicate.

“Prepare to stun the world, Robert! You must THINK BIG! Why would I set out to share this opportunity with 8 folks a week, when in reality I could strive to TEACH 100 people to duplicate exactly as I do? I then help those 100 set out to help just 8 deserving people! What did I do? I changed my mindset from a normal thought process to thinking big because instead of me focusing on 8 people a week, I focus on mentoring 100 and then me and my 100 leaders will now positively impact 800 peoples lives per week!

I will never neglect to remember that article of persuasion. It planted a seed that sprouted into blooming conceivability and activity. With this kind of thinking my business partner, better known as my wife (head honcho, boss, lady in charge), have been able to begin building the very foundation of a thriving home based business that we envision to reach millions using online tools and thousands that we meet face to face.


Why settle for anything less than an impressive future? After all you owe it to yourself. Use your talents and ideas to develop your future, don’t sit back and wait for the future to arrive. Design your life and your future and go out and get it!

Now, in my opinion, here are 3 important necessities when planning for an impressive future:

•Vision. To prepare to stun the world, you should see greatness.

•Courage. Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose

•Thick Skin. If what you are doing is worth it to you, be certain that you will cross naysayers and people doubting you and your vision. This is nothing but NOISE, don’t lose focus! (to all my St. Louis National Success Training people)
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The certainty is, when you have a solid enough vision, the courage comes naturally and deals with itself. When you can see, listen to, and feel your vision, then you essentially just need to follow it, even if it may seem absurd to others.

If you are interested and open to learning more about an opportunity that allows you to think big, please submit this form to Work With Robert. No experience necessary as long as you have an entrepreneurship mindset. We will train qualified individuals looking to design their impressive future.

Robert and Jaimie Grissom

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