November 06, 2012


What a blast the last three days were, as my wife and I got together with 17,000 other like minded entrepreneurs at our National Success Training in St. Louis.

So on our travel back yesterday from the cold, rainy weather to the warmer but crisp NC climate...and as I am standing in the security line at the airport wearing my new black "Farewell To Fear, Living The Vi-Life" tee shirt, in the process of arriving to our terminal, I see that I am obtaining a bunch of stares from the folks standing around ME.

Now you've got to imagine this.

All these patrons are going back home and back to LIFE. They are all from the same environment that I am currently in (airport, rain, cold), on a Monday morning, and they do not look all that excited. I could probably count on two hands the number of smiles I seen or received when smiling at others. Let me say this, it became a quick fact that the general smiles I observed, many of them also had on that same black t shirt. As for the others, maybe thoughts of going back to their J-O-B had began to sink in.

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ME and rockstar team mates

And there we are, standing there with me proudly sporting this shirt, smiling because I am pretty energized from the weekend and the motivation handed to us...
In the middle of all this, it dawned on me that I hadn't shaved in 3 days, needed a haircut and was sleep deprived so YES I looked rough and on top of that I was wearing an over-stuffed back pack and holding a bag full of products that everyone was glancing at...items I picked up from the event.

Yeah... I would say I looked completely "different" than the remainder of the cluster.
And I caught more than a couple of folks glancing at my shirt, with their eyes scrolling up and down between reading the shirt and observing ME, and here is the probability of what they all were thinking...

Why Is This Average Ordinary Person So HAPPY?

Which I believed was very amusing and increased the smile on my face even more.

Lets face it, most travel "rules" say you ain't supposed to be happy in an airport on a Monday morning coming from a cold rainy place..


residual income
Taking over the Edward Jones Dome
You're in an exceedingly awesome business where you've got 100 percent management of your life and your future and absolutely LOVE what you are doing...

Speaking of our National Success Training event, there was one common theme that showed its face throughout the entire weekend to share with you...

HOW can we HELP additional people and our own Vi-Style family... succeed and facilitate getting to a future level in their business. We are a movement and we live and share our movement day in and day out.

earn money from home
Six figure earners under 25 years old
 As somebody searching and seeking out folks to share this amazing opportunity with, we left this event with a stamp of approval! We are positive that the wonderful people that we have aligned ourself with, from Ambassadors, to teams in Michigan, Alabama, Florida and NC, we all will have success if we put in the hard work!

We believe in you.

I am excited and passionate about where we are all heading as the ones that attended the event get back in their market and continue to...

Rise Above The Noise

Robert Grissom

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